In these times of strife and uncertainty, what should poets speak about? Should they reflect our mores and our unease, the slippage between the desired and the real, or should they talk about other things, about why the sea is boiling hot, or whether pigs have wings? In a competition held by the Desert Moon Review, poets were asked to contemplate a world without some essentials, water, electricity or whatever else. It was a challenge to unreason, to reflect on potential futures, to deal with one's own insecurities.

I am happy to say that our winners came through masterfully. Jude Goodwin, Fred Longworth and David Benson have, without resorting to the language of doomsayers, wrestled with these many absences, tackled complexity without dumbing down, and offered insights that perhaps might lead to better thinking. Their writing does the unexpected and is all the more satisfying. This was no easy challenge and the results more than fulfill expectations.

Thank you, Sabyasachi Nag, for your astute judging and generous comments on the winning poems. I would also like to thank Jim Corner and Chris George for keeping the flame going, as always. A special peck on the cheek for Charlene Dewbre for her design and artwork.

The Crescent Moon Journal is also a biannual display of the works of the Desert Moon Review's publishers, editors, monitors and members. This allows us to reflect on the state of poetry we produce today. While it is for the reader to be the eventual judge, this editor basks in quiet satisfaction, sated with the wonderful words that have emerged in the past half year. There has generally been a contemplative bent in the poetry at the Desert Moon Review (but not always). Reflection is the leitmotif (but not every time). On happy occasion, the poetic voice is shrewd, even sly, and can sideswipe you when you least expect it. I invite you to be whacked on the side of the head, and to gain pleasure in the tweety-birds that will fly around you for brief moments before you move on to the next poem.

Mustansir Dalvi,
Issue Editor

Image: "Speak", Liz McDonald

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