Summer 2004


Contest Edition

Welcome to ‘the dreaming pond’


The Crescent Moon is above us, shining softly over its denizens and visitors from many lands and many IP’s. We bathe in the quietude.

It is my pleasure to present the winning entries of the “Bodies of Water” competition: from Julie Damerell, Robert N. Ward (‘the dreaming pond’ is from his poem) and Maryann Hazen Stearns. My congratulations to Lynne Bigley and Johanna Donovan for Honorable Mentions. Let me applaud the efforts of the judges: Deirdre Hendrie, Sarah Sloat and Les Wolf, and the logistic skills of Tracy Estes.

Although a contest edition, this Crescent Moon Journal is also a timely showcase of the words of its staff, a tradition we are happy to continue.

I was grateful our editor Christopher George graciously accepted my request to present O’ Malley - a cycle of poems, especially highlighted in this issue. We, at the Desert Moon were witnesses to their development, and now the ‘imperfect martyr’ Father O’ Malley of Rio Chuckwalla, at the edge of the Mestite Jungle, is flesh and blood, not mere words.

Every staffer and monitor has contributed a poem to this edition. I commend their fine poems to you- dive into their pools, ‘…you won't disturb the puddles that accumulate overnight.’

My thanks to our founder and publisher Jim Corner for the chance to work on this issue, and a warm hug to Charlene Dewbre for creating the visual delight you now have before you.

Swim, and sink.

Mustansir Dalvi

Bombay, India
September 2004