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Some very good years...

Phil, my behind the screen guy, called me hours before our flight to the Big Island. Desert Moon old artThe process of getting the very new perking was complete. A rusty-red moon rose from behind a silhouette of The Superstitions in May of 2001.

On the Kona Coast at Kaola's Bookstore I called forth the magic of cyber space to find an elderly poet named Albert with his only two poems. My first comments were lovingly given without a disclosure that he was the Adam of my editorial journey.

Tamar, the beautiful woman of Melic, wrote her essay of poetry below my introduction. Gabe of The Tamarind Tree jostled us with colorful fruit. Paul, the invisible, beat the Copper Kettle but disappeared, reappeared, disappeared.

Chris, my mentor, now our honored editor hit the screen in 2001-2002, Mustansir, the last name I'll use for fear I'll leave other sojourners unnoted, came early, is staying late as associate editor to produce this 2007 Anniversary Crescent Moon Journal.

The many who followed, who raised the bar of poetry, who have monitored and who still monitor, who take us to the top of IBPC, who remade our current design, who register, who daily correct punctuation, who spur our game, not forgetting your founder (who placed as First Honorable Mention in 2004), smile.

A long ride with many years ahead: new creations, discovering talent, loving friendships and "Poetry".

James D. Corner
Desert Moon Review

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