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The Beast Edited2  6-16-17  11:42 amLaurie Byro
Oradour-sur-Glaneó 19442  6-15-17  6:39 pmShawn Nacona Stroud
Still Waltzing with You4  6-14-17  7:01 pmAllen M Weber
The Beast I Call My Own6  6-13-17  8:15 amLaurie Byro
Marionettes (CTG)4  6-14-17  7:07 pmAllen M Weber
The Aging Magician 3rd or 4th3  5-28-17  7:34 pmLaurie Byro
The Aging Magician 3rd or 4th-1  5-27-17  3:53 pmLaurie Byro
Oriental Puppets (CTG)4  5-28-17  6:32 amChristopher T George
Sorting Things Out (CTG)1  5-26-17  7:36 pmAllen M Weber
Norma Jean: A Bubble Bath of Promises3  5-26-17  7:41 pmAllen M Weber
Spring Is Proverbial! -- Revised (CTG)4  5-15-17  9:08 amChristopher T George
Lot's Daughters5  5-26-17  8:06 pmAllen M Weber
Norma Jean: A Bubblebath of Promises2  4-30-17  3:02 pmChristopher T George
Everything Is Proverbial (CTG)8  4-20-17  1:23 pmChristopher T George
Silver Bed Head 7th or so............Allen9  4-20-17  1:47 pmChristopher T George
Spring Is Proverbial! (CTG)2  3-11-17  10:16 amChristopher T George
I Can Hear You Singing5  3-11-17  2:04 pmLaurie Byro
Silver Bed Head, bringing it back a few months later10  3-11-17  7:48 pmAllen M Weber
The Aging Magician Revised 4  5-27-17  11:02 amLaurie Byro
Dancer - rev.2  3-08-17  6:44 amRichard Chase
The Aging Magician 4  3-07-17  8:43 pmChristopher T George
Phoenix4  4-21-17  5:41 pmShawn Nacona Stroud
Revision Not Such a Strange Dance6  3-04-17  10:17 pmChristopher T George
Not Such a Strange Dance4  2-19-17  10:33 amShawn Nacona Stroud
Asa2  2-19-17  10:30 amShawn Nacona Stroud
Rewrite of guess what1  2-11-17  10:08 amLaurie Byro
Spacing Aja att. Laurie2  2-05-17  6:44 pmShawn Nacona Stroud
Aja - Final edit5  2-04-17  8:07 pmLaurie Byro
Angelica3  2-19-17  10:14 amShawn Nacona Stroud
Another revision Aja Monet7  2-01-17  9:37 amLaurie Byro
Aja Monet at the Women's March0  1-29-17  6:09 pmRichard Chase
Aja Monet Reads at the Washington Women's March Rev. 2)1  1-28-17  6:30 pmChristopher T George
Aja Monet Reads at the Washington Women's March (Rev)0  1-28-17  12:51 pmRichard Chase
Aja Monet Reads at the Washington Women's March1  1-28-17  8:35 amChristopher T George
Michael Cleary's Wife (CTG)11  2-03-17  6:13 pmChristopher T George
The Darkening5  1-28-17  3:06 amRichard Chase
Gospel Animare (w/o Latin)3  1-22-17  2:02 pmRichard Chase
G. A. I & II revised4  1-22-17  9:19 amShawn Nacona Stroud
Gospel animare I & II1  1-17-17  8:15 pmLaurie Byro
Gospel Animare Part II (revised)0  1-17-17  5:21 amRichard Chase
Gospel Animare (Part II)0  1-16-17  11:27 pmRichard Chase
Blackthorn Stick Revised 5  2-05-17  9:35 amLaurie Byro
Dawn6  2-07-17  3:02 amRichard Chase
Gospel Animare3  1-15-17  10:30 amLaurie Byro
Sparrow Revised 7  2-14-17  3:02 pmChristopher T George
Dogaressa Pantoum15  3-08-17  6:53 amRichard Chase
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