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Basic Board Guidelines

l. When you post a poem, write two critiques for others’ poems.

2. When you give a critique, regardless of your type of critique (one of feeling, structure, syntax, language, identification as poetry or prose, full revision, stanza by stanza, comparison to another like poem, etc.), open the critique with courtesy, find something positive in your opinion, tell the truth, be as specific as time permits, straightforward, and end with courtesy or with humor where appropriate.

3. We request that every poet posting in the DMR workshop adhere to the rule to post no more than one poem per day.

4. Note that the post per day by any poet will include revisions. A poet who posts more than the maximum will have the excess removed by the day's monitor.

5. If you want a fun conversation, or anything else not relevant to an individual poster’s thread go to the “Gather Round the Campfire” section to initiate a discussion.

6. There’s no rule against posting worthy announcements on the board, just keep them brief and to the point.

7. Ad Hominem commentary is not tolerated. Period. If you're rude, you'll be given a warning. If you persist, you'll be invited to leave.